Menu at The Gardenhall Inn pub & bar, Glasgow (2023)

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Menu Late Night Snacks Lunch Wines


2 Meals

  • Burger13 reviews & Drink


    Burger marked w/ all day Monday to Friday

  • Any Baguette & Wrap w/ a 16Oz Draught Soft Drink


    Includes steak baguette

  • Treat Yourself to 2 Rump Steaks & a Bottle of House Wine


    All day every day (Regular, 8oz. rump only)

  • Baked Potato & a Drink


Baguettes & Wraps

  • Cheese9 reviews, Tomato & Red Onion Baguette


  • Southern fried chicken wrap


    With mayonnaise or BBQ sauce

  • Pulled Pork & Coleslaw Wrap


    Smothered in‏ BBQ sauce

  • Steak47 reviews, Cheese9 reviews & Onion Baguette


    40z rump steak strips cooked medium & topped w/ sauteed onions & melted cheddar cheese

  • Free Range Egg Mayonnaise & Watercress Baguette


  • Tuna & Cheese Melt Baguette


  • Hunter's Chicken Baguette


    With bacon, cheese & BBQ sauce

  • Gluten Free Bread

Oven Baked Jacket

  • Any Baked Potato (2 Filling)


    With a 16 oz draught soft drink

  • Any Baked Potato (1 Filling)


    With a 16 oz draught soft drink

Get Started

  • Garlic Bread


  • Homemade Lentil Soup


    Served w/ half a baguette & butter

  • Wee Taste of Haggis


    Smaller taster portion of our chieftain haggis, bashed neeps & mashed taties, w/ whisky sauce

  • Trio of Fish Cakes


    Selection of three fish cakes made w/ cod, lemon & parsley, smoked haddock kedgeree & smoked salmon w/ boiled egg served w/ a citrus mayonnaise

  • Soup of the Day


    Our freshly prepared soup is served w/ half a baguette & butter, please ask you server for today's choice

  • Breaded Garlic Mushrooms


    Breaded mushrooms w/ a salad garnish & creamy mayonnaise dip

  • Flame Grilled Prawn Skewrs


    King prawn skewrs lightly coated w/ a fajita seasoned oil & grilled served w/ mixed leaves & a tasty mandarin & chilli glaze

    (Video) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland - Exposing East Kilbride!

One Th Side

  • Sweet Potato Fries


  • Coleslaw4 reviews


  • Onion Rings1 review


  • Chips


  • Mixed Salad


  • Baguette & Butter


Share It

  • Loaded Spicy Chips


    A generous bowl of chips topped w/ beef chilli, roasted onions, melted cheddar, sliced jalapenos & mustard mayonnaise swap you beef chilli for smokehouse beans chilli

  • Nachos Sharer


    Topped w/ cheese, salsa, sour cream & jalapenos

  • Burger Platter


    Two mini beef burgers, two mini, cheese burgers, & two mini bacon & cheese burgers, w/ burger relish, gherkins & mayonnaise, served w/ a bowl of chips & onion rings

  • Bucket of Wings

    3.99 - 8.99

  • House Sharing Platter


    Garlic bread, onion rings, chicken wings, potato wedges, breaded mushrooms & tortilla chips w/ melted cheese & jalapenos, served w/ spicy salsa, sour cream & BBQ dips

Main Event

  • Balmoral Chicken


    Roast breast of chicken layered w/ Scottish haggis & topped w/ crispy bacon rashers, served market vegetables, chips or mashed potato & creamy whisky sauce

  • Butternut Squash Canneloni


    Whit wine, sage & creme served w/ a dressed mixed salad

  • House Favorite Chicken


    A crispy coated chicken breast topped w/ grilled bacon, BBQ sauce & melted cheddar cheese, served w/ chips & dressed salad garnish

  • Oven Baked Lasagne


    Layers of rich bolognese sauce & pasta topped w/ a creamy cheese sauce served w/ garlic bread & dressed salad garnish

  • Scampi & Chips


    Breaded golden scampi served w/ chips, peas, lemon wedge & tartare sauce

  • Gammon11 reviews & Eggs


    A 10‏ oz gammon steak served w/ chips, garden peas & free range fried egg

  • Chicken30 reviews & Bacon Salad


    A generous bowl of dressed mixed leaves, cucumber red onion & tomato wedges, topped w/ chicken & bacon served w/ mayonnaise dip

  • Haddock & Chips


    Fresh fillet of North Atlantic haddock in a crispy Belhaven beer batter, served w/ chips garden peas & tartare sauce

  • Scottish haggis


    The great chef the pudding race Scottish haggis, bashed neeps & mashed w/ whisky sauce

  • Homemade Steak & Ale Pie

    Prime chunks of succulent British beef steak marinated in belhaven beer & cooked until tender in our secret rich sauce topped w/ flaky golden pastry & served w/ market vegetables & mashed potatoes or chips

  • Chicken You Way

    (Video) Murray Bar EK - Videoke Saturday October 8th 2011


    Half a roast chicken tossed in your level of spice, naked bbq, chipotle, jalapeno or piri piri sauce served w/ Mexican rice or chips & corn on the cob

  • Macaroni Cheese


    Short cut pasta in a creamy cheddar cheese sauce topped w/ more cheddar cheese, served w/ garlic bread & a dressed salad garnish

  • House Salad


    A healthy bowl of dressed mixed leaves, cucumber, red onion & tomato wedges, topped w/ crispy croutons, drizzled w/ house dressing

  • Maple Smoked Chicken & Avocado Salad


    With mandarin & chilli dressing

Spicy Corner

  • Chicken Fajitas


    Spiced strips of chicken on a sizzling skillet w/ peppers & onions, served w/ flour tortillas, salsa, sour cream & cheese

  • Chilli Burrito


    A toasted tortilla warp filled w/ chilli beef avocado, sour cream, cheddar, re fried beans & Mexican rice w/ nacho chips on the side

  • Spicy Chicken Burrito


    A toasted tortilla wrap filled w/ spiced chicken, avocado, sour cream, cheddar, re fried beans & Mexican rice w/ nacho chips on the side

  • Chicken Tikka Masala


    Chicken tikka breast in a creamy, medium spiced masala sauce served w/ pilau rice, poppadoms & mango chutney

  • Pulled Pork Burrito


    A toasted tortilla wrap filled w/ hand pulled pork in bbq sauce, avocado, sour cream cheddar, re fried beans & Mexican rice w/ nacho chips on the side

Speciality Dishes

  • Chicken Breast w/ Maple


    Succulent breast of chicken marinated in our maple smoke flavor, w/ sauteed potatoes, chantenay carrots, green beans & leeks, served w/ a creamy white wine & mushroom sauce

  • 8 Oz Rib Eye Steak w/ Hickory


    A prime‏ steak marinated in our hickory smoke flavor served w/ chips, coleslaw & grilled tomato served w/ our sauteed red onion & Quesa sauce

  • Mahi Mahi in Hickory


    Delicate white fish marinated in our hickory smoke flavor topped w/ buttered leeks & roasted cherry tomatoes accompanied by sauteed potatoes & green beans served w/ our mandarin & chilli glaze

Steaks + Sizzlers

  • Spice It Up 8Oz Rump Steak


  • 8Oz. Sirloin Steak


    Our butcher's tender cut sirloin steak

  • 8Oz Sirloin Steak Sizzler


    8oz sirloin steak smothered in creamy pepper sauce, topped w/ melted cheese, served w/ chips peppers, onions, grilled tomato & onion rings

  • 8Oz. Rump Steak


  • 8Oz. Sirloin Surf & Turf


    With a prawn skewer

  • Magniflcent Mixed Grill


    Comprissing of‏ rump steak, gammon steak, a whole chicken breast & two sausages, served w/ chips, peas, two free range fried eggs, grilled tomato & battered onion rings

Gourmet Burgers

  • 6Oz. Cheese Burger


  • 6Oz. Cheese & BBQ Burger


    Beef burger topped w/ tangy BBQ sauce & melted cheese

  • Pulled Pork Burger


    (Video) Vertigo (Originally Performed by U2) (Vocal Version)
  • Southern fried chicken burger


  • Southern fried chicken, cheese9 reviews & bacon burger


  • The Beef or Chicken Badboy


    Our legendary bad boys are packed w/ two tasty 6oz beef burger or Southern fried chicken burger topped w/ double cheese, double bacon & bbq sauce

  • 6Oz. Beef Burger


  • 6Oz. Cheese & Bacon Burger


  • 6Oz. Beef Chilli Burger


    Beef burger topped w/ spicy beef chilli

  • Veggie Burger


  • Chicken Cheese Burger


  • Burger13 reviews & a Drink


Hot Dogs with Chips

  • The Classic Dog


    Topped w/ roasted onions, mustard mayonnaise & ketchup

  • Chilli Dog


    Topped w/ beef chilli or smokehouse bean chilli, diced jalapenos & mustard mayonnaise

  • Hunter's Dog


    Wrapped in back bacon & topped w/ BBQ sauce & cheddar

Late Night Snacks

  • Beef Chilli Nachos


    Tortilla chips topped w/ spicy beef chilli salsa, jalapenos, sour cream & melted mature cheddar cheese

  • Haggis Nachos


    Tortilla chips topped w/ spicy haggis bites, salsa, jalapenos, sour cream & melted mature cheddar cheese

  • Cheesy Nachos


    Tortilla chips topped w/ salsa, jalapenos, sour cream & lots of melted mature cheddar cheese

  • Smokehouse Bean Chilli Nachos


    Tortilla chips topped w/ smokehouse bean chilli, salsa, jalapenos, sour cream & melted mature cheddar cheese

  • Cajun Chicken Nachos


    Tortilla chips topped w/ spicy cajun chicken, salsa, jalapenos, sour cream & melted mature cheddar cheese


Get Started

  • Soup of the Day

    Our freshly prepared soup is served w/ half a baguette & butter please ask you server for today's choice

  • Cherry Tomato & Garlic Bruschetta

    Served w/ a crisp salad garnish

  • Prawn Cocktail

    Succulent prawns in a creamy seafood sauce, on a bed of crisp lettuce, served w/ brown bread & butter

The Main Event

  • Half Roast Chicken

  • Roast Topside of British Beef

  • Chef's Roast of the Day

To Finish

  • Raspberry Blondie Cheesecake

    A biscuit base topped w/ white chocolate mousse, raspberries, shaved white chocolate & drizzled w/ raspberry sauce

  • Bramley Apple Pie

    Served w/‏ custard or ice cream

  • Ice Cream Sundae

    Vanilla ice cream topped w/ raspberry coulis, chocolate honeycomb pieces & whipped cream



  • Giotto pinot grigio, Italy

    3.29 - 10.99

    Bright youthful lime & lemon notes characterise this classic Italian wine

  • Blossom Hill

    3.79 - 11.99

    A very popular balanced crisp wine

  • Larchago, white fioja, Spain

    12.99 per bottle

    Dry w/ zesty fruits, A classic in the making

  • Sams Island Chardonnay

    3.49 - 11.49

    Ripe & soft fruit flavours of pineapple & lemon

  • El mazo viura sauvignon blanc Spain

    8.99 per bottle

    Crisp, fruity & refreshing w/ flavors of lemon & lime great on its own/ w/ lighter dishes

  • The pass marlborough sauvignon blanc, New Zealand

    14.49 per bottle

    Layer upon‏ layer of intense gooseberry & grassy flavors giving great texture & length


  • Giotto pinot grigio rose, Italy

    3.29 - 10.99

    Dry, strawberry flavors, crisp & refreshing

  • Blossom Hill Rose

    3.79 - 11.99

    Lively red berry aromas, w/ a delicious fruity finish

  • Zinfandel Rose

    3.49 - 34.39

    Really good blush, easy drinking w/ hints, of strawberry flavors & a soft finish great value

  • El mazo grenache rose, Spain


    Vibrant & fruity w/ freshly crushed raspberry flavors great w/ salad/on its own


  • Sams Island Shiraz

    3.29 - 10.49

    Blackberry aromas & soft dark fruit flavors in an easy drinking style

  • Giotto merlot, Italy

    3.79 - 11.99

    Fresh, ripe crushed berry fruit flavors

  • El mazo tempranillo, Spain

    8.99 per bottle

    Bright, clean red fruit flavors excellent w/ red meats/its own

  • Ribshack, South Africa

    3.79 - 10.99

    Full bodied, smoky & intense wine from South Africa w/ black fruit flavors great w/ red meat dishes

  • Blossom Hill

    3.79 - 11.99

    A fruity light bodied wine w/ a well balanced smooth berry flavor


  • Goto prosecco, Italy

    14.49 per bottle

    Citrus & grapefruit flavors crisp & easy to drink

  • Huse champagne jacques de bardelot, France


    Graceful red fruit flavors of berry w/ redcurrant & a little toasty complexity

  • Gotto raboso sparkling rose, Italy

    14.49 per bottle

    Ripe & fruity w/ strawberry flavors

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