✈️Is GTA Seguro Viagem reliable? Find out about the insurance company (2023)

If you're looking for more information about GTA Seguro Viagem before purchasing the plan, you've come to the right place. In this post you will check everything about the company, to close the purchase of the most ideal travel insurance.

Before taking out travel insurance, there is always an insecurity. After all, it is one of the most fundamental points of planning the tour, and something that you cannot let go of if you need to. Thus, several questions arise in the mind: “what if I need to use it and GTA Seguro Viagem is not good?” or “will GTA Seguros comply with the policy?”. These questions are natural and super common before taking out travel insurance.

If these questions have crossed your mind, know that you are on the right path: researching insurance before hiring is always recommended. To help you with this, we made a guide with the pros and cons of GTA (Global Travel Assistance), answering all questions about the insurance company. In addition, we also indicate how to find the best prices on online insurance comparator.

For starters, it is worth making it clear: GTA Travel Insurance is good and quite reliable indeed! And, to make your travel planning even smoother, we'll show you how to get a discount on insurance. In the rest of this guide you can check this and more details about GTA Seguros. Let's read?

In this post you will read:

  • About GTA Seguro Viagem
  • Is GTA Travel Insurance any good?
  • Where to buy GTA travel insurance?
  • GTA Travel Insurance Coupon
  • GTA Insurance Travel Plans
    • GTA 67 EUROMAX
    • GTA 330 PLANET
    • GTA 145 GLOBAL
    • RECEPTIVO GTA Bronze and Receptivo GTA 480 FULL
    • GTA BRAZIL 18
  • GTA travel insurance and Reclame Aqui
  • What does GTA travel insurance cover?
  • Pros and Cons of GTA Travel Insurance
  • Does GTA Seguro Viagem cover coronavirus?
  • How to activate GTA travel insurance in case of emergencies?
  • FAQ

About GTA Seguro Viagem

✈️Is GTA Seguro Viagem reliable? Find out about the insurance company (1)

GTA is a Brazilian company that has been operating in the market since the beginning of the 90's. It serves more than 1 million tourists every year, and has bilingual and trilingual professionals in centers in the main cities of the world. There are 40 operational centers, 3 thousand employees and 530 telephone lines, with a capacity for 95 thousand calls/hour.

One of the highlights of the insurance company is the 25% discount for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th person in the family plan (relatives in the same purchase).

To purchase a GTA Seguro Viagem plan that is right for you, check out the offers available at online insurance comparator. In addition to the website allowing you to compare GTA plans with those of other insurers, the platform's expert advisors can guide you to purchase the most ideal insurance.

Is GTA Travel Insurance any good?

GTA Insurance is, yes, very good. The Brazilian insurance company has been operating in the market for over 20 years. In fact, it was elected 11 consecutive times as the best in the Travel Insurance sector in Spain by AVIESP (Association of Travel Agencies in the State of São Paulo).

It is one of the main choices for those traveling to Europe (where Europe travel insurance is mandatory), in addition to having service in Portuguese available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition, GTA insurance is available for purchase through online insurance comparator. This is already a guarantee of the quality of the service, as the site only works with serious companies with experience in the field of travel insurance. That way, you can trust the insurance company (and, if you have any questions, you can call the comparator team to help you).

Where to buy GTA travel insurance?

The best way to guarantee a good price when buying travel insurance is to use the online insurance comparator. The site is super easy to use as well as safe. With it, you can compare GTA plans and find the ideal insurance for your trip and your pocketbook, comparing up to four plans at once.

In addition to offering plans at attractive prices, and counting on the main insurance companies operating in the Brazilian market, the insurance comparator It also has a highly qualified team, prepared to guide travelers in choosing the most recommended travel insurance for their case.

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So, if you have any questions about which option is best for your trip, just get in touch with the comparator's attendants, and they'll help you solve your doubts.

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GTA Travel Insurance Coupon

Better than being covered against possible emergencies during the trip, it is better to hire insurance at the best price on the market. For this, Travel Tips readers can use the couponFORTRAVELOVERSand guarantee 5% off the final price. Too much, huh?

Oh, and there is an additional 5% discount for those who pay with boleto, pix or transfer, and these discounts are cumulative. In other words, you can guarantee savings of up to 10% when purchasing your travel insurance. Also remembering that the purchase of insurance can be paid in up to 12 installments, making payment as easy as possible.

  • Click to redeem couponFORTRAVELOVERSand get 5% off
  • Pay by boleto, Pix or wire transfer to earn an extra 5% and reach the10% off!

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GTA Insurance Travel Plans

GTA Seguro Viagem offers super diversified plans for your trip, whether international or national. There are plans with medical coverage from R$18 to US$300. It has insurance for students, pregnant women and even specific options for those who want to practice extreme sports abroad, such as skiing, for example.

Below we list the main GTA products available on insurance comparator – but there are even more options listed on the website.


O GTA 67 Euromax, ideal for trips to Europe, meets all the rules of the Schengen Treaty. It offers coverage for medical and hospital expenses of 67 thousand euros and insurance for lost luggage of 1.200 dollars. It has great value for money.


One of the most complete plans of the company is the GTA 330 Planet. It offers medical and hospital coverage of US$330, as well as coverage for sports and pregnant women.


O GTA 145 Global It is a great travel insurance option. It offers medical-hospital coverage of 145 thousand dollars. It is ideal for pregnant women, with great cost-benefit. It covers, within the DMH, premature birth or obstetric complications suffered during the trip, in addition to extending coverage for the newborn for up to 30 days.


O GTA 42 Student Euro Assist It is a very nice plan for those who are going to spend a longer period studying in Europe, especially indicated for those who are going to do an exchange program. It does not cover pregnant women and coverage for sports is low. However, the price is very attractive, and it has up to 42 thousand euros of medical and hospital coverage.


O GTA 100 Student Global It is the most complete plan for students. It offers medical-hospital coverage of 100 thousand dollars. It does not cover pregnant women and coverage for sports is low, at only 800 euros.



The plan GTA 12 Bronze Student has less coverage. It offers coverage of $12 for medical and hospital expenses.

RECEPTIVO GTA Bronze and Receptivo GTA 480 FULL

The plans Receptive GTA 60 Full SP and Receptive GTA 480 FULL are specific to travelers coming to España. It has medical and hospital coverage of R$ 57 thousand or R$ 480 thousand, respectively, in addition to coverage for pregnant women and for sports.


O GTA Spain 18 It is also suitable for domestic travel. It has medical coverage of R$ 18, in addition to coverage for pregnant women and for sports. Also, everything is super cheap. Ideal for those who do not have an agreement, or for those who do, but the plan is restricted to one region.

Taking out national travel insurance is important to have medical coverage outside your state, in addition to assistance in other cases such as lost luggage, dental care, among other benefits.

GTA travel insurance and Reclame Aqui

In the last six months, GTA Seguro Viagem has not had enough complaints to generate a reputation on Reclame Aqui. This is a good sign as it indicates that there have not been enough problems to build a reputation on the site.

In the last year, the insurer achieved a score of 7,5, which gives it a blue rating, with a good reputation. This is an evolution since the last time we analyzed the company's profile on Reclame Aqui – when its score was half a point lower.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that all posts were answered in the last 12 months, and almost all complaints were resolved.

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What does GTA travel insurance cover?

As with all good travel insurance, there are some more basic coverages, which are mandatory by law. GTA Seguro Viagem complies with all of them, the main ones being the following:

  • Medical, hospital or dental care
  • medical transfer
  • Sanitary return (if the passenger is unable to return home as a regular passenger)
  • Body transfer in case of death while traveling
  • Total or partial permanent disability due to travel accident

There are also some additional coverages that are offered by GTA, such as:

  • legal assistance
  • luggage insurance
  • Accompaniment of the elderly or children
  • return trip
  • Expenses for flight delay or cancellation
  • Reimbursement for baggage delay expenses
  • Physiotherapy
  • trip interruption
  • Practice of sports, among others.

Pros and Cons of GTA Travel Insurance

GTA has 100% of the distribution of insurance sales made by third parties operating in the travel assistance market. Therefore, bet on online insurance comparators to buy your travel insurance at the best prices possible.

If you go to the GTA Seguros website, you will see that the website looks old, but despite that it is quite complete. There you will find various information about the company and general conditions.

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The GTA has great coverage for pregnant women up to 32 weeks pregnant, as long as the mom is no more than 40 years old. The assistance covers premature and emergency births, in addition to covering the newborn for 30 days.

Now, if you are going to practice any sport during your trip – skiing, surfing, running, etc. – GTA offers specific plans best suited for this type of activity. Be aware that there are plans with very low coverage for sports.

One of the differentials of GTA travel insurance is the coverage also for pets. Pet assistance is dedicated to dogs and cats, a great advantage for those traveling with animals, ensuring greater safety and less stress.

This specific insurance is already added to the shopping cart, has a maximum coverage of R$ 1.500 for veterinary expenses, and can be applied as a complement only to leisure travel plans, both national and international. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the insurance comparator team to help you.

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Does GTA Seguro Viagem cover coronavirus?

Yes, GTA Seguros also has plans for those who are worried about the new coronavirus. Thus, the traveler who wants to guarantee that he will receive medical assistance if he happens to be diagnosed with Covid-19 during the trip, can bet without fear on the options available by the insurance company.

However, not all plans have this extension that also covers those affected by the coronavirus. To have the guarantee of hospital care in these cases, you must hire plans that also indicate coverage for the Covid pandemic.

Plans like the GTA 75 EUROMAX COVID-19 PLUS10 and the GTA 75 EUROMAX USA & CANADA COVID-19 PREMIUM30 are the most suitable for those who want to make sure they are covered for Covid-related care.

How to activate GTA travel insurance in case of emergencies?

If something happens during your trip and you need insurance assistance, it's very easy to call GTA to give you all the support you need. The call center works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with support in Portuguese! try the numbers +11 3150 4511 ou +55 (11) 99411-9284 (WhatsApp) to be directed to the correct channel, or search for the phone number of the local representative on the contact page.

Another option is to contact the online comparator team, if you have purchased the insurance through the website – they will guide you on how to talk to the insurer.

When purchasing your GTA travel insurance, you receive the policy by email. Keep this document, as it will contain all the information on how to contact GTA in an emergency. In addition, we reiterate the importance of reading all the documentation well, in order to avoid misunderstandings when receiving care.

So, to know how to proceed in the crisis, just call, inform the attendant what happened, and he will guide you. If you can't get in touch, go to the nearest clinic or hospital, and notify the insurance company immediately. In these cases, GTA will reimburse what was spent, according to the contracted plan values. But remember to keep all the original proof of medical care, and also request a report for the professional who attended you.

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Did you like our GTA travel insurance tips? Don't forget, travel insurance is essential! Leave your comment or questions here.


Is GTA Seguro Viagem good?

Yes, GTA is a reputable insurance company with good travel insurance plans to ensure your assistance abroad should you need it. Check out more details about GTA Seguro Viagem.

What are the plans for GTA Seguro Viagem?

There are several options for travel insurance plans offered by GTA. You can opt for simpler alternatives like GTA 12 BRONZE STUDENT, or even a more complete plan like GTA 330 PLANET. See more about GTA travel insurance plans.

What does GTA Seguro Viagem cover?

GTA Seguro Viagem plans have the basic mandatory coverage, such as for medical and hospital expenses, body transfer and medical return. In addition to them, there are also extra coverages, as you can check in the detailed guide on the GTA insurance company.

Do GTA Seguros Travel plans cover Covid?

Yes, there are plans from GTA Seguro Viagem that also extend to cases of coronavirus that occur during the trip. good tips are the GTA 75 EUROMAX COVID-19 PLUS10 and the GTA 75 EUROMAX USA & CANADA COVID-19 PREMIUM30, but you can still see other options of GTA plans indicated.

How to hire a GTA Seguro Viagem plan?

By choosing the travel insurance plan through the online insurance comparator, you guarantee great savings, in addition to having great support available to help with the hiring. Also see how to get discounts.

How to activate GTA Seguro Viagem insurance?

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To speak with someone from the GTA team, you can use the contact numbers +11 3150 4511 ou +55 (11) 99411-9284 (WhatsApp), or even look for a representative in the list of numbers on the contact page of GTA itself. See more detailed company information.

What is the reputation of GTA Seguro Viagem on Reclame Aqui?

In the last 12 months, GTA's reputation on Reclame Aqui has been rated as good, with an average rating of 7,5. There are few recent complaints, causing insufficient index to define a reputation in a shorter period of time. Check out more about GTA insurance.


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