18 Highest-Paying Transcription Jobs [$1 per Audio Minute and Up] (2022)

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When I recently googled “highest-paying transcription jobs,” I was a little dismayed to see list after list of “Walmart” transcription companies popping up.

Although it’s a bit of an arbitrary figure, $1 USD per audio minute is considered the baseline acceptable pay rate by many professional transcriptionists.

Despite this, if you search Google for high-paying transcription companies, the same ones keep surfacing – and they all seem to pay 17-50 cents per audio minute!

So where are these unicorn transcription companies that pay $1 per audio minute and higher? Why are they so hard to find?

Two possible reasons:

  • The transcription industry has suffered in recent years, thanks to transcription providers and tech startups feverishly trying to undercut each other with dirt-cheap outsourcing and poor-quality VR renderings. (However, companies and brands have recently adopted an interest in using “ethical” transcription companies that pay fair rates to workers, and they’re willing to pay higher rates for such.)
  • Ironically, the lower-quality transcription services are often the ones that show up at the top of search results. This is because they tend to be large tech companies with big marketing budgets rather than small businesses run by experienced transcriptionists. In this industry, a slick website doesn’t necessarily mean quality transcription services or reasonable pay – in fact, I’ve found that a lot of the times it’s the opposite!

For these reasons, it can take some extra work to find the best-paying freelance transcription opportunities, but they’re out there. This post will you give you a head start.

My criteria for this list of best-paying transcription companies

There are multiple factors that determine a transcriptionist’s effective hourly rate, not least of which is audio quality. Pristine audio at $0.75 per minute is going to translate to a higher hourly rate than utter garbage at $1.50 per minute. And some companies routinely receive higher-quality audio than others.

In that case, how did I decide who made the cut for the list of highest-paying transcription jobs?

In general, I used the following criteria:

  • Companies that are known to pay at least $1 per audio minute (this equates to $15-30 per hour at transcription-speed-to-audio-hour ratios of anywhere between 4:1 and 2:1)
  • Companies that are known to pay at least $1.25 per page for legal transcription
  • Companies that are positively reviewed overall on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, with remote staff stating that the pay is fair

Most of these top-paying companies take quality very seriously. As such, they often require their transcriptionists to have training or experience. If you’re interested in training in general or legal transcription, I recommend the Transcribe Anywhere online transcription training, which is endorsed by AEERT. To learn how to improve your transcription skills and qualify for higher-paying positions, see my post on how to become a work-from-home transcriptionist in eight weeks.

Some of the companies on this list only hire U.S.-based transcriptionists. For more work-from-home transcription jobs, including worldwide opportunities, see my mega-list of 75+ online transcription services. For my fellow Canucks, I’ve also compiled a post of transcription jobs for Canadians that includes some higher-paying opportunities as well.

In addition to the companies listed below, you can often find higher-paying work-from-home jobs on FlexJobs (note: you can currently get 30% off by using promo code Save30at checkout). FlexJobs is my top-recommended remote work site because they have a huge database of real remote jobs from employers like Apple, SalesForce, and Capital One. Although many jobs on FlexJobs require a degree or work experience, they often do have postings for entry-level transcription, virtual assistant, proofreading, writing, and data entry jobs. You can browse their listings for free, but to apply to a job, you need to subscribe for the month.

What you’ll need to get started

To work for many of the companies below, you’ll need to provide your own transcription equipment. I recommend the following gear:

  • Transcription software. Get Express Scribe software free here.
  • Foot pedal. The Infinity pedal is favored by professional transcriptionists due to its compatibility with most transcription software.
  • Headphones. The Spectra headset is designed for transcriptionists and has a built-in sound card designed to make voices sound clearer.
  • Microsoft Office subscription.If you subscribe to Office 365, you’ll always have the most recent version of MS Word, as well as the ability to back up your transcripts and other documents in the cloud.

You can save money on the above gear by purchasing a transcription bundle that includes pro software, a foot pedal, and a headset.

Now here it is – the list of high-paying transcription companies!

Help me keep this info accurate and up to date by contacting me regarding info that should be added, edited, or removed.

A Quo Co.

URL: https://www.aquoco.co/FAQ.html

Location hiring: U.S., unknown if they hire elsewhere

This legal transcription company, previously known as Washington Rapid Transcription Services, hires U.S.-based AAERT-certified transcribers with three to five years of related experience. I can’t find any information about pay rates on their site currently, but in the past they have advertised rates of $1.15 per audio minute for non-court transcription and $1.75 per page for court transcription. You let them know your availability and accept assignments on a per-job basis. Check their FAQ page to see whether they’re currently hiring. To apply, you’ll need to take a test.

Aberdeen Broadcast Services

URL: https://aberdeen.io/careers/

Location hiring: U.S.

As a production transcription company, Aberdeen specializes in in transcription for TV stations and video producers. They have been known to pay $1-1.50 per audio minute for transcription and $75 per hour for real-time captioning. Check the careers page for openings. To apply, you’ll need to submit a cover letter and resume, and if your application is accepted, they’ll contact you for an interview.

Allegis Transcription

URL: https://www.allegistranscription.com/transcription-services/transcription-jobs/

Location hiring: U.S.

Allegis specializes in insurance and legal transcription. To work for them, you’ll need a minimum of two years’ experience. The company has a steady amount of work and receives a lot of positive reviews from its ICs. As a transcriptionist for Allegis, you can log in when you want and claim files from the queue (though you can’t preview the audio first). There is a minimum production requirement of 100 pages per week. Payment is every week via direct deposit. Check the URL above for current openings – you’ll need to take a grammar test and a transcription test. Must have a Windows computer.

Alpha Dog Transcriptions

URL: https://alphadogtranscriptions.com/transcription_jobs/

Location hiring: U.S.

This production transcription company hires ICs with a minimum of one year of production transcription experience. As an IC with Alpha Dog, you’ll transcribe reality shows, films, and documentaries. Pay is $0.90-2.75 per audio minute. They pay semi-monthly by bank transfer. According to their website, they treat transcriptionists with respect and fairness. Scheduling is flexible, but you must be available for a minimum of four to five audio hours per week. To apply, you’ll need to submit a cover letter and resume and complete a skills test. If your application is successful, you’ll progress to an interview via Skype or Facetime.

Audio Transcription Center

URL: https://audiotranscriptioncenter.com/jobs/

Location hiring: U.S., unknown if they hire elsewhere

This general transcription company has good reviews from transcription ICs on Glassdoor. One reviewer stated that the company pays $60 per audio hour for English transcription and $150 per audio hour for foreign-language transcription. You choose how much and when you want to work. To work with Audio Transcription Center, you’ll need your own transcription software like Express Scribe or The FTW Transcriber (7% off). The company pays weekly. Fill out the online application to apply – you’ll also need to send in a resume and cover letter and a screenshot from a typing speed test.

Automatic Sync Technologies (AST)

URL: https://www.automaticsync.com/captionsync/about-automatic-sync/careers/

Location hiring: U.S.

AST hires trained transcriptionists and captioners based in the U.S. Glassdoor reviews for the company are largely positive, citing decent pay rates, good management, steady work, and flexible scheduling. You can choose when and where you work. One source stated you can turn down difficult audio. Transcriptionists for AST negotiate their own pay per audio minute. The company pays by direct deposit. Visit the URL above for current openings – to apply, you’ll need to email them your resume. To work for AST, you’re required to have your own transcription software and a foot pedal. (You can download Express Scribe here for free. I use and recommend the Infinity USB pedal.)

Averbach Transcription

URL: https://avtranscription.com/work/

Location hiring: U.S., unknown if they hire elsewhere

This general transcription company pays $1 per audio minute on regular assignments and $1.50 per audio minute for same-day and overnight turnarounds. They claim their transcriptionists earn roughly $20-30 per work hour. You can choose your own working hours and accept or decline work as you please. You’ll need Express Scribe (free download) or other transcription software. To apply with Averbach, you’ll need to accurately transcribe a five-minute audio file in 25 minutes.

Cambridge Transcriptions

URL: https://ctran.com/employment/

Location hiring: U.S., unknown if they hire elsewhere

This company provides general, legal, and medical transcription services. Reviews for the company on Indeed.com by remote staff are largely positive. Cambridge Transcriptions prefers legal transcription applicants to have a year of legal transcription or court reporting experience. Corporate transcription applicants should have experience transcribing medical, legal, or technical content. To apply for a part-time position, you’ll need to email your cover letter and resume to the company, along with redacted transcript samples if you have them.

Capital Reporting Company

URL: https://www.capitalreportingcompany.com/reporter-resources/transcriber-application/

Location hiring: U.S.

A 2017 review states that this legal transcription company pays $1.50 per page for an 8- to 10-day turnaround. According to the company website, their remote staff are “constantly exposed to large, nationally recognized law firms and have the opportunity to earn high incomes.” To work for Capital Reporting, you’ll need three or more years of experience in legal transcription or government meeting work.


URL: https://escribers.team/

Location hiring: U.S. (excluding Massachusetts and California)

Remote staff rate this legal transcription company highly on Indeed.com. As a transcriptionist with eScribers, you schedule your own hours two weeks in advance. The company prefers to hire transcriptionists with legal transcription experience. AAERT, NCRA, or other relevant certification will increase your chances of getting hired with them. However, they will consider hiring transcriptionists who have experience in general transcription. They have steady work and pay weekly. To work with eScribers, you’ll need a Windows computer with Microsoft Word 2010 or a more recent version. (I recommend subscribing to Office 365 soyou’ll always have the most recent version of Microsoft Word.) Visit the URL above to begin the application process.

Neal R. Gross & Co., Inc. (NRGCO)

URL: http://nealrgross.com/contact/

Location hiring: U.S.

This Washington, DC-based company has been around for a while and is known to be a higher-paying transcription job opportunity. They provide court reporting and transcription services to government and private clients.

Opal Transcription Services

URL: https://www.opaltranscriptionservices.com/transcription-jobs/

Location hiring: Canada and U.S.

I occasionally hire U.S. and Canada-based general and legal transcriptionists to help with overflow, and I pay $1 per audio minute and up on most assignments. I look for detail-oriented people with strong grammar and punctuation skills. If you’re familiar with Western Canadian politics and culture, that’s a plus.

Pioneer Transcription Services

URL: https://www.pioneer-transcription-services.com/transcriptionjobs.html

Location hiring: U.S., unknown if they hire elsewhere

Pioneer is a woman-owned transcription service that pays general transcriptionists $1 per audio minute and legal transcriptionists at a variable per-page rate. The owner states, “We believe owners in the United States deserve to make a livable wage.” Hear, hear! As a transcriptionist for Pioneer Transcription Services, you can log in whenever you’re available and claim assignments from the pool of jobs. To apply, fill out the interview sheet at the URL above.

Production Transcripts

URL: https://www.productiontranscripts.com/employment-opportunities-in-transcription/

Location hiring: U.S.

This company specializes in production transcription, including corporate video, reality TV, documentaries, and YouTube videos, as well as closed captioning services. They also do some general transcription. I’ve heard positive things from people who have worked for this company in terms of pay and flexibility. Production Transcripts pays weekly. To apply, fill out the online form at the URL above and paste in your resume.

Purple Shark

URL: http://thepurpleshark.com/#contact

Location hiring: U.S., unknown if they hire elsewhere

This woman-owned transcription service provides high-quality transcripts to a variety of general transcription clients and is known to pay over $1 per audio minute. To apply, use the webform at the URL above or email thepurpleshark@gmail.com.

Rogers Word Service

URL: http://www.rogersword.com/faq

Location hiring: U.S., unknown if they hire elsewhere

Founded in 1983, this company transcribes all kind of material with special attention to quality and efficiency. According to the company website, their transcribers “are all paid above-market wages.” Additionally, Rogers transcriptionists “are experienced and typically have a degree in English or a related field.” To apply, send your resume to the email address on the company’s FAQ page.

Transcription Professionals

URL: http://www.transprof.com/about-us

Location hiring: U.S.

Transcription Professionals is a woman-owned small business specializing in producing high-quality transcripts. According to the company website, Transcription Professionals “values its people, which is a rarity in this race-to-the-bottom gig economy.” The owner of the service, who has worked as a transcriptionist herself, was recently quoted on nytimes.com in the aftermath of the recent media firestorm regarding Rev.com.

UK Transcription

URL: https://www.uktranscription.com/3/jobs.html

Location hiring: UK, U.S., Canada, unknown if they hire elsewhere

UK Transcription is a general transcription company based in the UK. They prefer hiring UK-based transcriptionists, but from what I understand they’re open to hiring applicants residing in the U.S. and Canada. As a transcriptionist for them, you can pick and choose the assignments you want to work on. Average pay rates are $1-1.25 per audio minute. To apply for them, you’ll need to take a transcription test.

Suggest a high-paying transcription company for this list

Help me make this list better for the transcription community. If you have a legitimate complaint about a company on this list, such as non-payment, contact me and I’ll remove them. And if you know of a company that belongs on this list of highest-paying transcription companies, feel free to reach out to me privately or leave a comment (remember to respect any NDAs).

While you’re on the lookout for higher-paying online jobs, make sure to check out my recent post, which includes some of the best legitimate part-time online jobs available.

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