15 Interesting Research Paper Topics (2022)

Today there are manyinteresting topics to investigatebroadly, although sometimes it may seem that everything is already discovered.

The first thing you should do when you are going to research or write about a topic is to think about a subject, a subject or even a news item that you are passionate about. The process of searching for information and writing is much easier when the content fascinates you.

The appearance of new diseases or conditions without a definitive cure, the search for inexhaustible resources or the desire of the human being throughout time to be immortal have marked the most interesting topics to investigate.

There are also issues related to national or world politics, or economic organization, on which it is necessary to find new answers and solutions that contribute to harmony and social cohesion.

If you want to dedicate yourself to documentary research or you have to do a project or work and you do not know what topic to do it, I bring you some ideas on subjects that may be of interest to you and of which there is still much to know.

1- Cancer

The cancer is one of the most troubling diseases today, the number of people it affects and its high mortality rates. According to GLOBOCAN 2008, this year 12.7 cases of cancer were estimated, of which 7.6 would be deaths as a result of this disease.

The main studies related to this disease have to do with the exams and the way to detect it early in patients, because it is one of the guarantees for this to have more chances of survival.

Of course, research continues on the causes, which in recent studies have been linked to poor diet .

If you know what causes cancer, it will be much easier to find methods to prevent it. It will also allow to establish security measures to reduce its appearance.

Finally, it is essential to find effective treatments that are not so aggressive, to turn this condition into a disease at least chronic, where the patient’s life is not in danger.

If you dare to explore the causes, methods and treatment of this disease, you should know that there are many economic interests against it, but that there are also grants and subsidies. For example, those granted by the National Cancer Institute .

2- Genetics

Genetics studies how certain biological factors are transmitted from generation to generation. The fundamental objective of this science is to completely decipher the sequence of information that carries the DNA .

This acid is considered the individual’s instruction book or manual. If it is possible to understand 100%, it would be possible to fully understand the functioning of the human being.

This is another interesting topic to investigate, because knowing what each one of the DNA sequences means can help to prevent hereditary diseases, correct the predisposition of some individuals to suffer it.

The goal of genetic studies is to get a personalized medicine adapted to the patient.

In this area also comes the use and utility of stem cells for the treatment of diseases. This issue is still very controversial, so you can also explore new solutions to the ethical conflict facing this science.

You may also be interested in genetics but oriented to other topics that have nothing to do with medicine, for example criminal investigation. In this sense, this science can be used to identify a murderer or those killed in an accident or catastrophe. You can try to optimize the methods that are used today.

3- Assisted reproduction

This field of research is relatively recent, since it dates from the late twentieth century, specifically born in 1978 with the birth of Louise Brown through the technique of in vitro fertilization.

Habits of life, which increasingly delay motherhood and genetic problems that some couples have to have children, have contributed to exponentially increase the number of pregnancies through assisted reproduction techniques.

It is estimated that almost 50 million couples have infertility problems around the world. In addition, according to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF), Spain leads the ranking of Europe in assisted reproduction treatments. Therefore, it follows that this field of research is in full development.

Investigating on this subject can help to discover new techniques of assisted reproduction, to improve the protocols of these and to contribute to the happiness of many couples with difficulties who are wishing to have a child of their own.

Another aspect related to fertility treatments is the preimplantation genetic diagnosis, which consists of extracting cells from the embryo to find out if it has any type of genetic disease or chromosomal alteration.

As it happened with some experiments related to genetics, this analysis has also been subject to ethical controversies, so much remains to be discovered about this diagnosis to be implanted and accepted socially. In many countries, this technique is still illegal.

4- Artificial intelligence

This field of study refers to the creation of systems and equipment by the human being and that have an intelligence designed for certain tasks or objectives.

Currently, most artificial intelligence devices are related to everyday tasks such as searching for information, calling someone on the phone or arriving at a site. For example, SIRI on Iphone or a GPS.

The interest in making life easier for human beings and gaining time for other tasks has led to the growth of this area of ​​research. There are still many daily tasks that could be made much easier with artificial intelligence, so for that!

5- Brain

If earlier we were speaking about the possibilities of the artificial intelligence,I am sure that the human beings are much more passionate about the endless questions that remain unanswered.

The brain is the most complex organ of the human body, so there is much to discover and explore about its mechanisms. These studies can help counteract the damage that some injuries cause in their functioning or know which activities stimulate or diminish their activity.

6- Alternative energies

In recent decades, the search for alternative energies to the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil has gained great importance.

This recent interest is due to the great environmental deterioration that planet Earth has suffered with the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and the consequent global warming , among other things caused by the use of these traditional energies. Also, to the finite resource that these fuels represent.

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In this sense, studies on energy sources that respect the environment and can be inexhaustible, such as solar or wind energy, have gained special relevance.

For some experts, it is also considered alternative energy to nuclear energy . In relation to this there is also much to explore, especially in terms of security measures to avoid catastrophes such as Chernobyl or Fukushima.

7- Climate change

In addition to the search for alternative energy sources, there are other measures that can be taken in the process of industrialization or in everyday life, for example recycling, to avoid climate change.

It is in your power to discover what are the best methods to prevent climate change and above all to combat it, since it seems that many of the damages to the planet are already irreversible.

8- Economy

The Great Recession that began in 2008 and continues to affect the world and brought a lot of work to economists. The approaches and responses to dealing with this crisis are still disparate, so that your point of view can also be accommodated and become the final solution.

Another interesting issue would be the search for improvements to implement the current economic system, capitalism , and make it fairer for everyone, combining its operation with a true Welfare State and a fair distribution of resources.

This last point makes a lot of sense today, when the economic inequality gap has widened further with the crisis.

9- Global poverty

As I mentioned in the previous point, the gap between rich and poor has become even greater with the economic recession. The Intermon Oxfam report “Extreme Inequality” in 2014 warned of how the income of the rich minority of the countries of the world was increasing, while the poor were becoming poorer.

Responding to global poverty is a problem that has been around for a long time and is very difficult to solve because of the great economic interests that it has against it.

Raising awareness among the population about this problem through statistics, field studies and finding solutions to eradicate global poverty gives for infinite research work.

10- War conflicts

This is another factor closely related to global poverty. If you really care about social issues, researching the causes of conflicts, the interests at stake and the search for solutions is a good way to invest your time studying.

With the analysis of the wars that have taken place throughout history, you will be able to find out what are the objectives and strategies of the great world powers, as well as look for alternative security measures to the arms race of the States.

It is difficult to achieve changes in this area of ​​study, but if you go the challenges and social causes, is yours without a doubt.

11- Food and nutrition

The increase in obesity rates in countries such as the United States (28.8 in body mass index) and high malnutrition in many developing states have contributed to the growth of this area of ​​study.

Understanding the differences between food and nutrition is essential to make society aware of a good habit when it comes to sitting at the table.

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The field of food and nutrition is very broad, so there is much to investigate, since habits that are considered healthy today can be refuted tomorrow by better ones.

In addition, new food trends such as vegetarianism or veganism require new studies to educate those who follow what are the habits they must follow to stay healthy.

12- Consumption and abuse of drugs

This field of research is also relatively recent. It was in the year 1930 when scientists began to study addictions and their associated behaviors. Thanks to these studies, the damage caused by drugs in the brain was discovered .

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, scientific research is essential to achieve the well-being of different nations.

The study may be aimed at the effects on the brain that produce these substances, the social factors that influence future drug addiction , if there is a genetic predisposition to suffer an addiction and new synthetic drugs with dangerous effects such as “Superman

13- Education

School failure continues to be one of the major problems to be solved in countries such as Spain, which continues to be a negative leader of the European Union, according to Eurostat 2015.

The search for new study plans, learning techniques and implementation of resources in schools can help reduce this problem. So if you are interested in education, this is your ideal research area.

Another aspect that is being analyzed recently and that is closely related to education is bullying or school bullying. This problem has already caused several suicides in children and adolescents.

This problem is getting even bigger with new technologies and social networks . The solutions to this conflict are also to be discovered.

14- Internet

The Internet also offers extensive study offers to researchers. These may be related to its effects on people, the addictive behaviors it generates or its use as a research or communication tool.

In addition, the Internet is a world from which many aspects are still unknown. In this sense, it can be interesting to see what content is visible and which is hidden, how it affects the privacy of people, the data policy, as well as its relationship with criminal practices, for example, through the dark web.

15- Communication

The latest research in this area is closely related to the emergence of the Internet. With this platform, communication has increased its possibilities exponentially, but difficulties have also grown.

The saturation of information has caused major problems for traditional media that still can not find a profitable way to sell their services. It is also difficult to distinguish true information from bullying, especially in social networks .

Finding new formulas that reach an audience each time with less time to sit and read and with a wide range of media and websites to choose from, is another interesting study object.

If you want to find more research topics, we recommend that you enter our category ofResearch Paper Topics.

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