10 Pickup Trucks That Struggle With Towing And Payload Capacity (2023)

By M. S. Grayson

Despite being marketed as rugged workhorses, these pickups struggle when it comes to actually doing the work.

10 Pickup Trucks That Struggle With Towing And Payload Capacity (1)

In current times, pickup trucks get used for many different purposes. Now pickups are for everyday use as well as going for long trips or going off-road. No matter what they're used for now, their main purpose remains the same, a functioning workhorse. A lot of people buy pickups for their abilities as work vehicles. Attributes such as power, carrying capacity, and towing ability are all important features of a work truck. Even if it’s not a work vehicle, these are still good things to know. You can't just hitch up a camper or a small boat to 'any' pickup truck and expect it to work.

While there are plenty of pickup trucks that are built to last on the market, reliability is not the question here. If your truck can't carry or tow the amounts that you need, then all it becomes is a big, pointless machine. Many truck manufacturers boast impressive towing and payload capacity figures, which technically are true, but you find those usually on the higher trim models. The lower trims don't necessarily meet these figures. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 10 pickup trucks that struggle when it comes to towing and payload capacity.



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10 2023 Honda Ridgeline RTL 4dr Crew Cab SB (Tows 5,000 lbs)

10 Pickup Trucks That Struggle With Towing And Payload Capacity (2)

It's well-known that Japanese pickup trucks will last you a lifetime and the Honda Ridgeline sits in this category. For a mid-size truck, it offers people a lot of practicality and versatility. Its unibody frame gives it the tough, rugged, and sturdy features that you want in a truck. Unfortunately, however, it doesn't offer a lot in terms of towing and carrying capacity.

A 3.5-liter V6 engine powers the Ridgeline that generates 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. While that may seem like a sufficient amount of power, the Ridgeline is only available in a Crew Cab configuration with a 5-foot truck bed. This means that the pickup can only handle towing up to 5,000 lbs and carry a payload of 1,544 lbs. That sounds like it's enough, but it's only good for a small boat, for example. There is no way you can attach a camper to the Ridgeline, it simply wouldn't be able to pull it.

9 2023 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X 4dr Crew Cab SB (Tows 6,270 lbs)

10 Pickup Trucks That Struggle With Towing And Payload Capacity (3)

These days the majority of pickup trucks are good for off-roading adventures. On this front, the Nissan Frontier does very well. In fact, there are lots of things that the new Frontier is good at. Where it falls short is its carrying capacity and pulling power. It might have a bigger engine and more power than the Honda Ridgeline, but its payload is quite a bit lower.

Under the hood is a 3.8-liter V6 engine that produces 310 hp and 281 lb-ft of torque. The power’s managed through a nine-speed automatic transmission. However, in the PRO-4X trim, four-door Crew Cab configuration, with a five-foot bed, the Frontier can only carry a payload of 1,230 lbs and tow up to 6,270 lbs. It might have the ability to tow a bit more than the Ridgeline, but its payload is over 300 lbs less. You can increase the payload and towing amount by having a smaller cab and a bigger truck bed, but it still wouldn't catch up to the Ridgeline's payload.

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8 2023 Toyota Tacoma - SR 4dr Access Cab SB (Tows 3,500 lbs)

10 Pickup Trucks That Struggle With Towing And Payload Capacity (4)

For one of the best-selling pickup trucks in America, you would expect big things from the Toyota Tacoma. For the most part, the Tacoma delivers and it delivers well. It does everything that you want a mid-size truck to do, especially at the higher end of the trim range and engine sizes. And being a Toyota, you also know that it comes with a truckload of reliability, so it just works.

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There is, however, a chink in the armor. The base model SR trim and Access Cab configuration with a 6-foot bed is not able to pull that much. It's powered by a 2.7-liter, four-cylinder engine that gives 159 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. The power’s handled through a six-speed automatic transmission enabling the Tacoma to tow just 3,500 lbs and carry 1,685 lbs. As good as the Tacoma is, let's face facts, 3,500 lbs is really not a lot. A 2023 Chevrolet Traverse can tow more than that, 1,500 lbs more. No one is suggesting a Chevrolet Traverse is better than a Toyota Tacoma, but when it comes to towing power, it can pull more than the base-level Tacoma at least.

7 2023 Ford Ranger XL 4dr Crew Cab SB (Tows 7,500 lbs)

10 Pickup Trucks That Struggle With Towing And Payload Capacity (5)

While there are plenty of trucks for towing and hauling heavy loads out there, some are more capable than others. Take the Ford Ranger, on paper it looks great, and for the most part, it's a capable truck. Being a mid-size pickup, the Ranger is easier to maneuver than its bigger siblings, great at being a daily driver, and good for getting off the beaten track.

However, it only offers one engine, a 2.3-liter, four-cylinder that produces 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. The power’s managed through a ten-speed automatic transmission, and with a four-door Crew Cab configuration, it's got 7,500 lbs of towing capacity and can carry 1,609 lbs. Sounds like enough, but in Kelley Blue Book Towing Capacity Guide they 'recommend you stay below 10% of the maximum towing capacity to account for miscalculations and shifting loads'. When you apply this, it brings the towing power down to 6,750 lbs, which is a considerable difference. Small boats aren't a problem, but a sailboat is out of its league.

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6 2023 Ford Maverick XL 4dr SuperCrew SB (Tows 4,000 lbs)

10 Pickup Trucks That Struggle With Towing And Payload Capacity (6)

Some of the most reliable American pickup trucks come from Ford, just look at the F-150, and the 2023 Ford Maverick follows in that tradition. For a compact pickup, the Maverick performs remarkably well. It's a rugged and tough machine that's great for getting around places where there are no roads. With good road manners too, the Maverick makes for a good daily driver.

Where it falls short, though, is its towing power. It's powered by a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder hybrid engine. Even though it's slightly bigger than the Ranger engine, this one only produces 162 hp and 155 lb-ft of torque. Way less than the Ranger. Subsequently, with a four-door SuperCrew cab configuration with a standard bed, the Maverick only has 4,000 lbs of towing power and a payload capacity of 1,500 lbs. That's fine for things like canoes and motorbikes, for example, but not for travel trailers or a fifth-wheel camper.

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5 2023 Jeep Gladiator Overland 4dr Crew Cab SB (Tows 6,500 lbs)

10 Pickup Trucks That Struggle With Towing And Payload Capacity (7)

With the underpinnings of a Wrangler, the Jeep Gladiator makes a great off-road pickup truck. But there is more to a pickup than just being a truck for off-road enthusiasts. The truck needs to be able to be a truck. In other words, a pickup truck has to be able to tow and carry heavy loads. That's what they're meant for in the first place. It's here where the Gladiator struggles in terms of carrying ability.

Where the average hauling capacity for a mid-size pickup truck is over 1,500 lbs, the Jeep Gladiator comes nowhere near that. Yes, it's got a powerful 3.6-liter V6 engine that kicks out 285 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque and gets paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. All of which enables it to tow some 6,500 lbs. However, in the Overland Crew Cab configuration, it only manages a payload capacity of 1,120 lbs. It's arguably one of the lowest carrying capacity amounts of all mid-size pickup trucks on the market. Even the compact Ford Maverick can carry more than that. A cynical person might say that Jeep place more focus on playing in the dirt than making the Gladiator an actual pickup truck. Others, however, may have a different view.

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4 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X 4dr Crew Cab SB (Tows 6,000 lbs)

10 Pickup Trucks That Struggle With Towing And Payload Capacity (8)

The GMC Canyon is another mid-size pickup truck that struggles when it comes to towing and hauling things around. It's unkind to write the Canyon off straight away. It does possess many desirable qualities. It's a reliable pickup truck that's got performance and comfort as well as plenty of space in the cabin which is luxuriously equipped. Not to mention its good off-road prowess.

Under the hood is a relatively powerful 2.7-liter inline-4 engine that generates 310 hp and a mighty 430 lb-ft of torque. However, with the AT4X trim and Crew Cab configuration, the Canyon can only manage to tow some 6,000 lbs and carry up to 1,250 lbs in the bed. Given that most mid-size pickup trucks can tow around 7,000 lbs and carry over 1,500 lbs, the Canyon falls short in these areas.

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3 2023 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 4dr Crew Cab SB (Tows 6,000 lbs)

10 Pickup Trucks That Struggle With Towing And Payload Capacity (9)

The Chevrolet Colorado is, quite literally, the counterpart to the GMC Canyon. They both share mechanical components and are both good mid-size pickup trucks for extreme terrain and daily commuting. There are some differences, but they are mainly cosmetic. One of the differences, however, is how much the Colorado can tow and haul.

They might share the same 2.7-liter inline-4 engine with the same power output and torques figures, however, the Chevrolet Colorado has a slightly higher payload capacity. Equipped with the ZR2 trim and a Crew Cab configuration, the Colorado has a towing ability of 6,000 lbs and a capacity to carry 1,280 lbs in its bed. That's only 30 lbs more than the Canyon, but still woefully short of the average payload amount for mid-size pickup trucks. Its towing ability is also 500 lbs less than the Canyon. When you consider the usual amount a mid-size pickup truck can tow is around the 7,000 lbs region and carry over 1,500 lbs, the Chevrolet Colorado struggles to meet those amounts.

2 2023 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve 4dr Crew Cab SB (Tows 9,210 lbs)

10 Pickup Trucks That Struggle With Towing And Payload Capacity (10)

The Titan is Nissan's offering to the full-size pickup segment of the market. To say it's a tough and reliable truck is an understatement. Some would argue it's a pickup truck that's virtually indestructible, it certainly is robust enough and long-lasting. As a full-size truck, you would expect the Titan to handle the hard work, and unfortunately, it does struggle in some areas.

A 5.6-liter V8 engine powers the Titan, making 400 hp and 413 lb-ft of torque, matted to a nine-speed automatic transmission. This means that with the Platinum Reserve trim and a Crew Cab configuration, the Nissan Titan is only able to have a towing capacity of 9,210 lbs and a payload capacity of 1,360 lbs. Given that most full-size pickups can tow in the 13,000 lbs region, the Titan falls way short. For example, the Ford F-150 can handle 13,000 lbs, and the Chevrolet Silverado, it's 13,200 lbs. Clearly, the Nissan Titan is way behind its competitors when it comes to towing power.

1 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz SE 4dr Crew Cab AWD SB (Tows 3,500 lbs)

10 Pickup Trucks That Struggle With Towing And Payload Capacity (11)

When you think of pickup trucks, Hyundai isn't really a name that springs to mind. Nevertheless, they do have an offering in the compact pickup segment called the Santa Cruz. Built from a car-like platform, the truck offers a crew cab much like all other pickups, but with a four-foot bed. Coming from a less conventional platform to truck building, the Santa Cruz benefits from a more comfortable ride than traditional trucks. However, what it doesn't benefit from is how much it can tow and haul.

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Its 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine produces 191 hp and 181 lb-ft of torque and gets paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. It's an adequate amount of power for a compact pickup truck. However, in the base model SE trim with a Crew Cab configuration, the Santa Cruz only manages to have a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs and a carrying ability of 1,532 lbs. This might be a quirky-looking truck with its unique styling, but towing a camper or a large travel trailer is going to be a no-no.


What pickup truck has the least problems? ›

From Ram to Toyota, most companies offer some type of full-size pickup. And these three, including the 2022 Toyota Tundra, 2022 Ram 1500, and 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500, might have the fewest problems.

Does payload capacity affect towing capacity? ›

Towing capacity refers to how much weight you can safely pull behind your truck with a trailer. Typically, your truck's towing capacity far exceeds its payload capacity because the majority of the weight is resting on the trailer axles, not your truck's axles.

What is the strongest pulling truck? ›

We sifted through the data to select the best cars and trucks in every category.
  • 2023 Ford Super Duty F‑450. Towing Capacity: Up to 30,000 lbs. ...
  • 2023 Ford Super Duty F‑350. ...
  • 2023 Ram 3500. ...
  • 2023 Ford Super Duty F‑250. ...
  • 2024 GMC Sierra 2500HD. ...
  • 2024 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD. ...
  • 2024 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD. ...
  • 2023 Ford F‑150.

What is the most unreliable pickup truck? ›

The only pickup truck other than the Gladiator, Silverado, and Sierra to land on the most unreliable car list is the 2022 Ford F-150 Hybrid.

Which pickup truck will last the longest? ›

These 16 models are most likely to keep on truckin' the longest.
  1. Ford F-350 Super Duty. The Car Connection. ...
  2. Toyota Tundra. Toyota Tundra CrewMax. ...
  3. Ford F-250 Super Duty. Ford. ...
  4. Toyota Tacoma. The 2020 Toyota Tacoma. ...
  5. GMC Sierra 2500HD. GMC. ...
  6. Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD. ...
  7. Chevrolet Silverado 1500. ...
  8. Chevrolet Avalanche.
May 11, 2023

What upgrades increase towing capacity? ›

Check out these changes that can increase towing capacity:
  • Upgrading the Hitch. The same vehicle can tow more with a Class III hitch than a Class II hitch. ...
  • Installing a Weight-Distribution Hitch. ...
  • Upgrading the Brakes. ...
  • Replacing the Axles. ...
  • Adding Bigger Radiator.

Do heavy duty leaf springs increase payload? ›

Does Adding Leaf Springs Increase Load Suspension? The purpose of the installing a new leaf isn't to increase the capacity of the load that a vehicle can handle. Vehicles are designed to only carry a certain amount of weight before things such as tyres, axles and the overall suspension system is compromised.

What happens if you exceed payload capacity? ›

What happens if you exceed the payload limit? The extra weight puts more strain on the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and tires, and can lead to repair problems. Overloading a vehicle, for example, will increase braking distances and increase wear on brake pads and rotors.

Is there a way to increase payload capacity of a truck? ›

The only way to boost the payload rating is to take weight off the truck: removing the rear seat or bumper, using lighter wheels and/or tires that meet gross axle weight rating requirements, and so on.

Is payload more important than towing capacity? ›

Towing capacity refers to the amount of weight your vehicle can pull behind it on a trailer. The capacity for towing is higher than payload capacity for the same reason you can pull more weight behind you in a wagon than you can carry in your own hands. You can pull more than you can haul.

What is the maximum weight I can tow? ›

To calculate the maximum weight your car can tow, all you need to do is subtract the gross vehicle weight (GVW) from the gross train weight (GTW). This is the absolute maximum weight your vehicle can tow.

What truck can tow 50 000 lbs? ›

As for GCWR, the F-750 tops out at 50,000 pounds!

What truck can tow 40000 lbs? ›

The F-450 pickup is rated for up to 40,000 pounds towing gooseneck trailers. That world-beating figure is half the combined weight of a semi-truck and a loaded trailer, as noted by Ford. The F-350 dual-rear-wheel (DRW) model comes in close behind, rated for up to 38,000 lbs.

What is the #1 truck for reliability? ›

Based on reliability, the best truck to buy in 2022 is the Toyota Tacoma, which comes in with a Consumer Reports score of 74. This truck is followed closely by the Ford Lightning, which received a 73.

Are Ford or Chevy trucks more reliable? ›

Ford vs.

When comparing reliability ratings across Ford and Chevrolet cars, on average, Chevy tends to come out on top. The brand's pickups, sedans, and SUVs are some of the top picks when it comes to reliability.

What is the most least reliable truck? ›

10 Least Reliable Pickup Trucks That Will Leave You Stranded
  1. 1 2004 Nissan Titan – Customer Satisfaction: 1/5.
  2. 2 2008 Ford F-250/F-350 - Reliability Score: 1/5. ...
  3. 3 2020 Jeep Gladiator - Reliability Score: 1/5. ...
  4. 4 2013 Ram 1500 - Reliability Score: 1/5. ...
  5. 5 2003 Mazda B-Series - Reliability Score: 1/5. ...
Mar 18, 2023

What is the average lifespan of a pickup truck? ›

This means that when you purchase a modern truck, you can expect it to last for at least 10 years and 100,000 miles. With proper maintenance, you can extend those marks significantly, with the average truck being nearly twice as likely to last for 200,000 miles as the average vehicle.

What state has the most pickup trucks? ›

Wyoming is the state with the most pickup trucks and has 2.2 more pickup trucks on the road than the average state. Known as “the Cowboy State,” ?? Wyoming is a Western Rocky Mountain state with plenty of unpaved roads, rugged terrain and harsh winters, all of which require off-road and foul-weather capability.

What is high mileage for a pickup truck? ›

Generally, we would consider a truck with more than 100,000 miles on the clock to be high mileage. For a truck with a diesel engine, that number is more like 200,000 miles. Oftentimes, higher miles mean a lower buying cost.

What is the best way to increase payload capacity? ›

The safest way to increase payload capacity is to reduce weight. Removing the rear seats will buy you a few extra pounds of carrying capacity. Beyond that, if you must move a heavier load than your vehicle is rated to carry, rent something that can safely do it.

Do heavier trucks tow better? ›

The heavier the vehicle, the more weight it can tow with confidence. Modern SUVs and Trucks are lighter than they used to be, but are still capable of towing heavy loads. The wheelbase is the distance between the front and rear axle, and the longer it is, the safer the vehicle is for towing.

How do I beef up my truck for towing? ›

How to Improve a Truck's Towing Capacity
  1. Upgrade the Axles. With upgraded axles, you can manage heavy-duty components with greater ease. ...
  2. Increase Suspension. ...
  3. Upgrade the Brakes. ...
  4. Programmer. ...
  5. Install an up-to Task Hitch. ...
  6. Get a Bigger Radiator. ...
  7. Frame and Chassis. ...
  8. Replace Your Intake and Exhaust.
Sep 3, 2021

Does adding air bags increase payload? ›

It is important to note that airbag suspension systems DO NOT increase the payload or tow capacity but change how the vehicle handles the load.

What happens if you overload payload truck? ›

If you go over the payload capacity, you run the risk of breaking your truck's suspension and even voiding your warranty. Thankfully, there is a way to calculate exactly how much weight your truck can handle, known as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

Do bigger tires decrease payload? ›

PAYLOAD is the combined maximum allowable weight of cargo and passengers that the vehicle is designed to carry. It is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating minus the Base Curb Weight. So if you increase tire weight, you decrease payload because you have increased curb weight.

How do you tell if a truck is overloaded? ›

The truck appears overloaded: If the cargo is bulging over the sides of the truck or stacked over the top, it is probably carrying more cargo than it should be. The truck struggles to slow down: If you see a tractor trailer braking but taking too long to slow down, it is likely overloaded.

What happens if you exceed truck towing capacity? ›

Max towing capacity should not be taken lightly. Exceeding what your vehicle is designed to tow can strain your engine and transmission, accelerate brake wear, damage your tires and even warp your chassis. This could in turn trigger catastrophic failure while driving and could lead to property damage or serious injury.

Is it bad to leave a truck loaded overnight? ›

For reasonable periods of ownership, maintenance/cost of ownership probably won't be affected by the practice of leaving the vehicle loaded overnight. For long-term ownership, load-carrying rubber bushings will probably fail more quickly, and springs will sag and/or fail more quickly.

Should I put weight in the back of my 4x4 truck? ›

Even if you have an AWD or automatic 4WD vehicle you won't have safe traction if you've got worn tires. But if you have good tires and are driving a RWD car or SUV, a pickup truck or a manual 4WD vehicle, adding sandbags to the back can give you some additional traction in winter conditions.

Does lifting a truck reduce payload? ›

Because a body lift is primarily cosmetic, it's highly unlikely that this type of lift will affect a truck's gas mileage, tow capacity or payload. If you're interested in lifting your truck to change its appearance, but not its performance features, a body lift is likely the safest and easiest option for you.

Does a gooseneck increase towing capacity? ›

A gooseneck hitch's advantages include its greater towing capacity, compact size, and relative simplicity. Gooseneck hitches can pull more than 30,000 pounds, at least 3,000 pounds more than the best fifth wheel hitch.

What percentage of truck towing capacity is safe? ›

According to the GMC Trailering Guide, to get the proper trailer tongue weight, you should put about 60 percent of the load centered evenly over the front half of the trailer. For instance, if that 2,000-pound trailer is still carrying 1,000 pounds, roughly 600 pounds should be in the front half of the trailer.

Can you max payload and towing capacity at the same time? ›

Also, the payload and max tow capacity are related to each other. You can't load the truck up to Max payload and then hook up a trailer. The trailer tongue weight counts against your payload.

Does tongue weight count against payload? ›

Payload capacity tells you how much the people, gear, pets, and everything else in or on the truck can weigh before the truck is overloaded. For trailering purposes, tongue weight (the downward weight the trailer exerts on the hitch) counts against the payload.

What can tow 15000 lbs? ›

TruckGross Vehicle Weight RatingTowing Capacity
Ford F-25010,000 lbs15,000 lbs
Chevy Silverado 2500HD9,500 lbs14,500 lbs
GMC Sierra 2500HD9,900 lbs14,500 lbs
Ram 250010,000 lbs15,080 lbs
4 more rows
Apr 3, 2019

Can I pull more than my towing capacity? ›

You should never exceed your maximum towing capacity, no matter how you distribute the load. Even if you can technically handle the load, you could damage your vehicle, the trailer, or both. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): GVWR is the maximum amount of weight a vehicle or trailer can hold.

Can a truck tow 20000 lbs? ›

Heavy duty pickup trucks are capable of amazing feats of strength. Some models from automakers like Ford and Ram can tow as much as 20,000 pounds.

What is the max weight a 1 2 ton truck can tow? ›

Half-ton trucks have tow capacities as high as 14,000 lb, which is impressive.

How much weight can a f750 haul? ›

F-750 (Straight Frame) 30,200-37,000 lbs.

How much weight can a f750 carry? ›

WIDE GVWR RANGE (26,000–37,000 LBS.)

How much can a Ford f750 tow? ›

37,000 lbs. F-750 (Straight Frame) 30,200-33,000 lbs. 37,000 lbs. F-650 Pro Loader (Kick-Up Frame) 20,500-26,000 lbs.

Which 1 ton truck has the highest towing capacity? ›

1-Ton Pickup Trucks Comparison Table
NameGVWRTowing Capacity
Ram 350010,700–11,400 lbs.Up to 37,090 lbs.
Ford F-350 Super Duty10,100 lbs.12,000 to 18,000 lbs.
Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD10,750 lbs.14,500 lbs.
GMC Sierra 3500 HD11,500 lbs.Up to 36,000 lbs.

What truck can tow 24000 lbs? ›

Ford F-450 Super Duty

Depending on the model, the F-450 Super Duty can tow about 21,000 to 24,000 pounds. It has a payload capacity of roughly 5,400 to 6,300 pounds.

What truck can tow 16000 pounds? ›

When looking for used trucks with the best towing capacity, RAM trucks are synonymous with towing power. So, if you want 650 lb-ft of torque and the ability to haul over 16,000 pounds, turn to the Cummins Diesel engine in the 2009 Dodge RAM 3500.

What truck can pull 14000 lbs? ›

2023 Ram 1500 | Max Tow Rating: 12,750 pounds. 2023 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 | Max Tow Rating: 13,300 pounds. 2023 Ford F-150 | Max Tow Rating: 14,000 pounds.

What is the most reliable pickup truck brand? ›

Based on reliability, the best truck to buy in 2022 is the Toyota Tacoma, which comes in with a Consumer Reports score of 74. This truck is followed closely by the Ford Lightning, which received a 73. Both of these trucks would be a great buy in 2022.

What trucks are easiest to repair? ›

Easiest Trucks To Restore
  • Ford F-100. Ford's venerable F-Series of trucks has been around since 1948, and one variant in particular, the F100 stands out. ...
  • Chevrolet C10. ...
  • Dodge Power Wagon. ...
  • International Harvester Pickup. ...
  • Chevrolet El Camino.
Dec 7, 2022

What is the most reliable vehicle of all time? ›

What are the Most Reliable Cars of All Time?
  • Honda Civic. Honda's sales today may not compare to the likes of Toyota or Volkswagen, but it is still one of the world's leading automobile and motorcycle manufacturers. ...
  • Honda Accord. ...
  • Honda CR-V. ...
  • Toyota Camry. ...
  • Toyota Corolla. ...
  • Mazda MX-5. ...
  • Mazda 3. ...
  • Lexus LS 400.

Which truck is more reliable Ford or Chevy? ›

When comparing reliability ratings across Ford and Chevrolet cars, on average, Chevy tends to come out on top. The brand's pickups, sedans, and SUVs are some of the top picks when it comes to reliability.

Which American trucks are most reliable? ›

10 Most Reliable American Pickup Trucks To Buy On A Budget
  • Ford. The Ford Ranger has evolved into an all-modern pickup truck that makes a compelling new buy. ...
  • Ford. The Ford F-150 is the favored pickup truck in America — and for many good reasons. ...
  • Chevrolet. ...
  • GMC. ...
  • Chevrolet. ...
  • GMC. ...
  • Ram. ...
  • Ford.
Apr 15, 2023

What trucks lose value the fastest? ›

So here's the list of the top 10 pickups with the fastest depreciation.
  • Ford F-150. 2022 Ford F-150 | Ford. ...
  • Nissan Titan. 2022 Nissan Titan | Nissan. ...
  • Ram 1500. 2022 Ram 4000 | Stellantis. ...
  • GMC Sierra 1500. 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 | GMC. ...
  • Chevy Silverado 1500. ...
  • Ford Ranger. ...
  • Toyota Tundra. ...
  • Chevy Silverado 3500.
Feb 24, 2022

What is the best truck to fix up? ›

‍9 Best Classic Trucks To Restore
  • Dodge Power Wagon (1946-1968) ...
  • Chevrolet C10 (1970) ...
  • Ford F-Series (1953-1956) ...
  • Ford Bronco (1966-1977) ...
  • 1966 Ford F100. ...
  • International Scout II (1971-1980) ...
  • Ford Ranchero (1969) ...
  • Studebaker Coupe Express (1937)
Sep 19, 2022

What is the cheapest full size truck to own? ›

The most affordable full-size truck is the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Limited, with a starting price of $30,400 based on iSeecars.com's affordability ranking of 14 full-size trucks. The most affordable full-size trucks offer the lowest starting price for their base trim level.


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